Panibois Wooden Baking Baskets

Panibois Baking Baskets

The inventor of the 100% biodegradable wooden baking basket, Panibois baking moulds or cases are made from poplar, aspen or birch. Popularly used for bread baking, they have myriad uses, for cakes and savoury dishes. For example, bake your lemon drizzle cakes in them and then use them to serve or bake your focaccia in a Panibois Lady or Sire and keep in the case until needed. Commonly used for presenting small products such as rolls or even chips. Why not have your Panibois baskets customised with your own branding or logo?

Biodegradable Baking Cases

Panibois baskets are made in France with nothing more than thinly sliced wood and a paper case to make attractive baskets for baking and presenting your baked good in a bakery, farmers' market or school fête. Biodegradable, attractive and time saving, these are popular for the presentation of artisanal foods from breads and rolls to lasagne and cakes.

Panibois Range

BakeryBits is the UK distributor for Panibois: we have the range of Panibois baking moulds and we make them available from as little as a pack of 10 individual cases, to a whole pallet. Panibois also has a range of proofing baskets, wooden cases and tart rings.

Panibois Branded Baskets

If you would like, we can discuss with you having your Panibois requirements customised with your logo. Just let us know via email and we'll help you.

Panibois Baking Baskets - a high quality range, we stock only what we like and have tried.
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