Gilchesters Organics Flour

Gilchesters Organics Flour

Gilchesters Organics is a family business run by Husband and wife, Andrew and Sybille Wilkinson in Northumberland. Gilchesters has been an organic farm since 2002. The farm has a herd of rare breed White Galloway beef cattle and acres of rare breed cereals.

About Gilchester Organics


Andrew undertook a major on farm research project into organic cereal production from 2003 to 2006 in conjunction with Newcastle University, which resulted in the establishment of their flour mill in 2006. Sybille, born and raised in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, is no stranger to quality breads with Germany’s strong bread heritage.

Andrew and Sybille were pioneers in the re-establishment of old cereal varieties into UK organic agriculture during this time and have specialised from the start in the production of spelt, Emmer, Einkorn and heritage wheats for baking flours with outstanding flavours and texture.

These varieties are at the heart of the milling business at Gilchesters, producing baking quality grains on the farm in Northumberland.

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