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Sassafras Oblong Covered Baker

The oblong covered baker traps the steam and maintains an even baking temperature to give you moist bread with a golden, even and crackly crust and light crumb.

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Sassafras Enterprises Inc

The oblong covered baker from Sassafras traps steam produced by the baking dough and maintains an even temperature to give your loaf the perfect environment. It is especially useful for overcoming the drying effects of fan ovens and the unevenness of most. Use it for rolls or a baguette-style loaf by placing your dough for its final prove into the baker and then put the risen dough and baker with its lid on into the hot oven for 30 minutes (depending on your specific recipe), and take the lid off for the last 10 minutes for a beautifully golden and crackly crust. We have a delicious recipe that uses the Oblong Baker here and our instruction sheet may be downloaded using the link below.

The inside measurements of the baker are (L x W x H) 36x11.5x13.5cm (39x15x16.5cm externally, included the handle) giving plenty of room for a 1kg loaf while fitting on your oven shelf.

Note that we would recommend seasoning the baker not with olive oil as the supplied instructions suggest but instead with a light vegetable oil (the olive oil can become sticky).

Based on ancient Greek and Roman baking traditions, the baker is made from a natural ceramic, fired at over 1000°C. It is oven and freezer proof and is easy to clean, requiring only to be soaked in warm water so that any baked on food may be scraped off.


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