Panibois 700ml "Duc" Baking Basket 10-100pcs

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Duc wooden baking mould from Panibois 175x110x60mm, made from poplar or beech with lining paper. These moulds are designed for baking and presentation of breads and cakes and are fully biodegradable.

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Recipe: Marvellous Malt Loaf

Recipe: Marvellous Malt Loaf
I've always loved malt loaf: the bought stuff, but only because I've never been able to make one that comes close to that moist malty consistency that just needs some butter on it for a delicious snack.... Until now! With help from our friends at Muntons, we've got an easy recipe that makes a marvellous malt loaf. The secret to the rich, malty flavour and colour is to use a little roasted barley ... Read more
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