GI Metal Professional Perforated Pizza Peel 100x36cm

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GI Metal has been manufacturing professional tools for the hospitality sector for over 30 years. This professional peel from GI Metal's Azzurro range is designed to be light-weight, strong and of very high quality for the professional baker. Designed for the pizza professional, it is also ideal for those wanting the very best in their kitchen, for pizzas or bread.

The head is 36cm wide and made from anodised aluminium for lightness and strength. It is perforated to reduce friction and to allow excess dusting flour or semolina to drop through rather than to make it onto the hearth and risk burning and on the way out of the oven, to drop through and avoid landing on the plate. The front edge of the peel head is tapered to make sliding under the dough easier.

The handle is made from aluminium and anodised blue. Designed for comfort, strength and lightness, it measures 100cm in total (including the blade).

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