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Iron Age Blend Emmer and Spelt Flour

Lammas Fayre's Iron Age flour is made from a blend of emmer and spelt wheat, the main wheat species grown in Britain over 3,000 years ago.

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Lammas Fayre blends from John Letts are authentic recreations of flour contemporary with various periods of British history. Over many years of careful research, John has been able to locate extremely rare samples of the various cereals and then to grow them organically in sufficient quantity for us to be able to offer them to you. Several of the blends are only available in small quantities. Others are more plentiful: if you are interested in larger packs of any of the blends, please let us know.

Lammas Fayre's Iron Age flour is made from a blend of emmer and spelt wheat, the main wheat species grown in Britain over 3,000 years ago. Emmer wheat (Triticum dicoccum) was domesticated from a wild grass in the Ancient Near East over 9,000 years ago, and spread to Britain in the Bronze Age. Spelt wheat (Triticum spelta) also evolved in the Ancient Near East, but from a natural cross between cultivated emmer wheat and a wild grass. Spelt was a staple bread and drink corn in Britain by the end of the Iron Age. Our Iron Age flour is produced from a genetically mixed population of emmer and spelt varieties grown organically in Buckinghamshire and Gloucestershire. The grains are dehulled, polished, stoneground and sieved to produce a delicious flour ideal for all baked goods, particularly artisan-style breads and sourdough.

Usage: flours from ancient rather than modern varieties of grain can be more challenging to the baker since they tend to have lower protein levels. If you want the authentic experience of a heritage loaf then you may choose to make your bread from 100% of this flour. However, for a lighter loaf with the heritage flavour, we have found that using 50% Lammas Fayre and 50% strong white is a good starting point, giving enough strength for a free-form loaf. As you increase the proportion of Lammas Fayre flour, you may find that giving your dough extra support in a tin is helpful.

About Lammas Fayre Flours: Lammas Fayre is a very small-scale artisan operation and consequently the stock and re-stocking can be a little variable. Our advice is simple - if you see it in stock then place your order: many lines are only available in very limited quantities.

Note: Iron Age Blend Emmer and Spelt Flour is about to go out of stock and will remain so until autumn 2015.

Milling: Stoneground

Ingredients: emmer & spelt wheat flour (with no added gluten)

Allergy Advice: for allergens including cereals containing gluten see ingredients in bold. This flour may contain traces of nuts.

Bread Machine Advice: Most heritage flour is not suitable for use in most bread machines. Mix with at least 50% bread wheat flour for best results.