BakeryBits Flax Oil for Black Ironware Seasoning, 100ml

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BakeryBits Flax Oil is the perfect oil for maintaining and re-seasoning your black ironware. Keep your seasoned ironware in tip-top condition by wiping it clean after use and then give it a wipe over with a couple of drops of our UK-grown cold-pressed oil.

Depending on how the ironware has been used, what's been cooked in it and how it has been cleaned, the seasoned surface benefits from being re-seasoned from time-to-time. The oil used to season the pan is heated to a high temperature at which point it hardens and bonds with the ironware. The more layers of seasoning, the more the microscopic peaks and troughs of the iron are smoothed out, making the ironware even more non-stick the more it is used. Being able to re-season your pan means that it should last indefinitely and, with careful re-seasoning, will actually improve over time.

Day-today use of your black ironware

After using your black-ironware, ideally clean it by just wiping it. If you have to give it a more intense wash, make sure it is thoroughly dried. After every use apply a few drops of BakeryBits Flax Oil to refresh and improve the non-stick performance.

Quick Guide to Re-seasoning

If your pan needs to be re-seasoned, or you want to build up the layers of seasoning further, wipe the surface of the pan with a little of the BakeryBits Flax Oil, giving a very thin covering all over. Heat the pan until very hot - it will be smokey for a short time - until the smoke stops. You can repeat this as often as you like to build up the seasoning further.

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