USA Pan Pullman Bread Pan 33x10x10cm (13x4x4")

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This Pullman Loaf Pan from USA Pan is made from commercial grade bakeware, designed for home use and measures 13" x 4" x 4" (33cm x 10cm x 10cm - max 37cm x 10cm x 12 cm including the lid ). Designed by the world's largest manufacturer of industrial bakeware, USA Pan bakeware is constructed from heavy gauge aluminium steel and features a unique fluted surface that adds strength and facilitates air circulation for even baking. Each pan is coated with clear, non-stick, environmentally friendly silicone that is specifically formulated for baking and contains no PTFE or PFOA.

Suitable for use at temperatures up to 230°C or 450F, the pan should be hand-washed with mild detergent using a sponge, then rinsed and dried thoroughly.

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Recipe: Danish Open Sandwiches (Smørrebrød)

Recipe: Danish Open Sandwiches (Smørrebrød)
You've made your delicious Danish-Style Rye Bread. Now, here is how to make some open sandwiches just as you see in Denmark. When people hear “potato on bread” most think about a chip butty...but in Scandinavia the open-topped sandwich is a staple for lunch and their potato topped rye bread is absolutely delicious.   Here is a simple recipe for you to try on a nice slice of ... Read more

Recipe: Danish-Style Rye Bread

Recipe: Danish-Style Rye Bread
My rye bread recipe comes from my 22 years living in Denmark, where people either bake or buy rye bread for their family every week. Indeed, most Scandinavians eat rye bread daily and the Danes are no exception. Similarly to crispbread (like Ryvita), everyone from little kids to burly men eat what looks like dainty slices of rye bread for their lunch. It wasn’t until I tried eating some for ... Read more

USA Pan 9" Pullman Loaf - Basic Recipe

Partially opened Pullman Pan containing unproofed dough
This recipe is designed to fill the 9" USA Pan Pullman pan. Using the quantities below, you have the basis upon which your can alter the recipe to suit you. Getting the quantity just right for a pan with a fitted lid can be a little hit-and-miss depending on the recipe, exact flour used etc. This is a starting point to get pretty close and from here you can adapt it with your choice of flour and ... Read more
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