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Bordelaise Professional Lame or Grignette

Slashing patterns in your dough needs a lame or grignette. Ordinary kitchen knives tend to drag across the dough or tear. Start using a grignette, as used by baking professionals across the world. BakeryBits is the UK distributor for Mure & Peyrot bakery knives: the number 1 in the market.

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This lame holds a replaceable standard razor-blade (supplied) and holds the blade in a gentle curve, or straight as required. The blade makes for a lame or grignette with an exceptionally sharp blade, held safely with a removable, protective cover when not in use. It is perfect for making fast, clean slashes on dough just before it is baked. The curve allows for deep, angled cuts giving improved crust and artistic opportunities! A lame or grignette is a must item for the budding artisan baker and this Mure & Peyrot one is for professional use.

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