Challenger Proofing Box - Ideal for Balls of Dough

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With the Challenger Dough Proofing Box you can stretch and fold your dough to the edges before folding, which builds strength and structure in your dough and this can be done from inside your Proofing Box. Ideal for those developing their dough through the Autolyse method as well as those wanting to stack their dough for proofing.

The lid is tight-fitting creating an airtight seal creating a more consistent and damp environment, better for proofing and easier for you to judge the stage of the fermentation. The shape of the lid and box means that they can be stacked on top of the other. Lightly oil the inside before use for easy release of the dough and use for your bread or pizza dough.

Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth

Internal: 267x267x70mm (10.6” x 10.6” x 2.75″)
External: (Base and Cover): 318x318x96mm (12.5” x 12.5” x 3.77″)

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