The Bread Baker's Pocket Companion

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Wouldn't it be nice to have just one go-to place for finding out all you need to know while baking in the kitchen?

Avoid leafing through loads of cookbooks to find which one had the conversion chart you needed or unlocking your phone for the umpteenth time to find the formula for increasing the protein content in your flour - or trying to locate the piece of paper you wrote down how much a large egg white weighs...well now you don’t need to! This handy pocket-sized companion by Andrew Janigan is bursting with really useful information of the kind that you actually want to have at hand.

Whether it’s converting from dried to fresh yeast, cups to grammes, baker's percentages, temperature conversions, folding techniques or proofing basket sizing, this handy little guide is packed full.

Andrew Janigan is a writer, recipe developer and baking instructor. He has managed to condense the essential information needed when developing recipes and baking into this charming booklet that will be as well thumbed as it is loved.

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