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Baking Stones & Domes

Baking domes, also known as bread cloches or Dutch ovens are designed to bake bread dough to give the finished baked bread excellent lift and crunchy crust. They do this by giving the dough even heat - even in most ovens that are hotter in one part than others and by trapping the steam that is produced important for the rising dough as the steam help to make an amazing crust.

Baking Stones are invaluable too - the thicker they are the better for absorbing and releasing heat to the dough being baked, so bread is best on a thicker granite or refractory clay stone to give more heat to the bottom of the loaf. Thinner stones are great for pizzas and smaller bakes like crumpets of English muffins. If using a baking stone for bread then consider using a DeSh~Stoom overn steamer.

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