Ankarsrum Assistent Mincer Attachment - Complete

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The Ankarsrum Complete Mincer package allowing you to use your Ankarsrum Assistant Mixer for mincing, straining, grating and piping. 

Use the grinder to make your own sausages, choosing between three different sausage horns so you can make anything from hot dogs to bratwürst - or why not go for a fish sausage or a falafel?

The grater can be used for many foods including the fine grating of nuts, almonds, crusts, chocolate, parmesan cheese, carrots or potatoes.

The attachment also includes the strainer to strain fruit and berries to a mash or purée and a cookie press for cookies and the crispiest pie pastry.

You are free make your own versions of your favourite dishes, try making fish cakes with exciting flavours, sausages with your blend of spices, or why not burgers with your own mince that has a perfect amount of fat and the right kind of meat?

The mincer fits all Assistent Original models N1-N30.

The Complete Mincer Package contains: The Mincer, 3 sausage horns 10/20/25mm, feeder tray, feeder plug, 2.5 mm (0.1") , 4.5 mm (0.18"), 6 mm (0.24") and disc 8 mm (0.315") hole discs, strainer, grater, cookie attachment and splashguard for the mincer.

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