Chicago Metallic Pullman Bread Pan 10cm x 33cm, 1.13kg


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Pullman Tins or Pans, also known as, pain de mie are used to bake sandwich loaves - a loaf with equal square sides adopted for use in the kitchens of Pullman trains as easy to stack and hard to topple. Pullman pans have a lid, making the bread bake in a confined space, giving it a texture which is firm and fine and the crust soft, so perfect for even slices of bread for sandwiches.

Chicago Metallic makes the most durable, hard-wearing baking pans available, designed for heavy use in a catering environment. This pan is made from uncompromising heavy-weight aluminium steel and coated with AmeriCoat Silicone Glaze, a tough non-Teflon non-stick coating. 

Note Chicago Metallic makes pans of all sizes, check that this pan will fit into your oven

For further information about the use and care of this glazed pan, click on the product file below.

Chicago Metallic Part Number 44615 & 44660
Description Glazed Single Pullman Pan
Top inside dimensions 13 x 4" or 33 x 10cm
Bottom outside dimensions 12 3/4 x 3 3/4" or 32.4 x 9.5cm
Vertical depth 4" or 10cm
Capacity 1.13kg or 2.5lb 


Note: As described these are robust pans designed for the professional catering industry and so built for functionality rather than beauty! You may see some minor scratches on the surface which will not impede the performance but rather is simply not important to the professional baker.

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