60% Organic Chocolate with Roasted Cocoa Nibs, 85g

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This is our favourite of The Grenada Chocolate Company bars from The Grenada Chocolate Company. Chantal's description "fruity and rich" with a pleasant crunch is what comes over most for us.


Chocolatier Chantal Coady describes the 60% Organic nibalicious:

This is a perfect entry level dark chocolate , enhanced by the slightly savoury addition of a generous handful of roasted cocoa nibs (cracked whole roasted cocoa beans).

The chocolate is slightly sweet, fruity and rich, with pronounced notes of red berries, tropical fruits and citrus, while being surprisingly “buttery” soft and melting. Rest assured there is no dairy added, all these Grenada bars are vegan, and made in a small factory that is free from nuts and gluten.

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