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Glace icing for pastries

Glace icing for pastries


for the icing

150g icing sugar
20g liquid glucose, or a honey from our BakeryBits range
10-15ml boiling water

Though a simple icing can be made by mixing together icing sugar and water until smooth, it sets with a dull surface and a brittle texture that can fall off pastries. This is because sucrose, what icing sugar technically is, recrystallizes as it cools. Adding glucose, another kind of sugar, to the sucrose interferes with this recrystallization and creates a semi-glossy sheen to the icing and allows it to set with a much finer texture, perfect for icing. If you can’t get glucose then a honey, there are many honeys in our BakeryBits range, will work in a similar way as it contains glucose though it will give the icing a golden colour.


Put the sugar, glucose, and water in a bowl. Add one teaspoon (5ml) of water, mix well together then gradually add another teaspoon water until the icing is very thick but very smooth. Then, if needed, add a little more water to dilute it to piping consistency. Use immediately.

To flavour and colour, add a few drops of BakeryBits flavourings, and/or food-safe colouring paste/powder, to the made icing and stir well.