Black Bee Honey - Orchard Honey, 227g

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In the orchards of mid-Wales bees collect forage on pear and apple trees to produce Black Bee Honey's Orchard Honey. This runny honey has a fruity flavour and a light, golden colour. From Black Bee Honey, single-sourced and unpasteurised in a 227g glass jar.

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Glacé icing for pastries

Glacé icing for pastries
Though a simple icing can be made by mixing together icing sugar and water until smooth, it sets with a dull surface and a brittle texture that can fall off pastries. This is because sucrose, what icing sugar technically is, recrystallizes as it cools. Adding glucose, another kind of sugar, to the sucrose interferes with this recrystallization and creates a semi-glossy sheen to the icing and ... Read more