Original Sassafras La Cloche Baking Dome for Crusty Bread

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Join the growing large number of Sassafras original La Cloche converts and never bake uninspiring bread again. These are the ORIGINAL, high quality cloches made with Sassafras's proprietary Superstone ceramic - NOT the thinner, less robust copies. A Cloche will give your bread the wood-fired oven treatment, trapping steam with the rising dough to give you a loaf with a beautifully golden, crackly crust and soft, evenly baked crumb. Based on traditional designs from the ancient Greeks and Romans, the Cloche is highly rated by bakers around the world, including the renowned Dan Lepard and Rose Prince.

The Cloche, with measures 30cm (12") in diameter and c. 19cm (7.5") high and made from stoneware is ideal for a 1kg round loaf. We include our own instruction booklet with the Cloche to give you usage instructions and some recipes to help you get the most from your purchase (you can download it from this page too). It is oven and freezer proof (although like any ceramic, subject to even heating) and is easy to clean, requiring only to be soaked in warm water so that any baked on food may be scraped off.

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