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Fluffy sourdough flatbreads recipe

Fluffy sourdough flatbreads recipe
Fluffy Middle Eastern Sourdough Flatbreads I love Middle Eastern-style cooking, and having a pliable fluffy flatbread is indispensable for mopping up hummus, pesto or sauces and for wrapping and transporting falafels or fritters laden with labneh pickles and a zesty salad. These are easy to make and whilst being light and fluffy they are strong enough to let you to load them to the gunnels. ... Read more

Brown Bread Ice-Cream with Caramelised Breadcrumbs

Brown Bread Ice-Cream with Caramelised Breadcrumbs served in glass jars
Brown Bread Ice-Cream using the Ankarsrum Ice-Cream Attachment It might sound like a strange mix with brown bread and ice-cream but it works fantastically well. The toast infused ice-cream coupled with caramelised breadcrumb nuggets that give sweetness, light maltiness and texture to this delightful brown bread ice-cream made with the Ankarsrum Ice-Cream Attachment for the Ankarsrum Mixer. You ... Read more

Rustic Olive Rolls - from Matthews Cotswold Flour

Rustic Olive Rolls arranged together with one sliced in half showing the crumb
Matthews Cotswold flour development baker Sophie has shared this recipe for Rustic Olive Rolls with us using the Matthews Cotswold Pizza Flour. "The Matthews Cotswold Pizza Flour is a much more versatile flour than you might realise – it’s obviously great for making delicious pizza bases, but it can also be used for a multitude of other recipes. As a baker, it’s one of my ... Read more

Recipe: Pwdin Bara Menyn (Bread and Butter Pudding)

Recipe: Pwdin Bara Menyn (Bread and Butter Pudding)
We came up with this idea, Pwdin Bara Menyn (Bread and Butter Pudding), as a way to re-use leftover croissants years ago when I had a café attached to the bakehouse, and it’s real comfort food – a perfect dessert for these chilly, last days of winter. Because it’s made with croissants and baked on parchment, there’s no additional butter (normally used to grease-proof ... Read more

Tear & Share Brioche With Cheesy Pesto Filling

Tear & Share brioche intact in its paper case with a glass of white wine
Tear & share brioche with a pesto and cheesy filling Having a soft and sumptuous, comforting and tasty brioche that is stuffed with cheese and pesto is a marvellous thing, but to share it is even better. This is a great way to use up any odd bits of cheese that are knocking about in the fridge. This recipe is with pesto but you could just as easily use tapenade, semi dried tomatoes, Marmite ... Read more

Mendiants, Puddles of Chocolate Christmas Confections

What exactly are Mendiants? Mendiants have quirky roots in France from the Middle Ages. They were part of the Provençal tradition with toppings denoting the original robes of the four Mendicant order of friars. Today they are a well-loved tradition in many a French household and if you try making these they could be a firm favourite in yours. Mendiants are commonly eaten over the Christmas ... Read more

Roasted Pumpkin Soup - A Halloween Party Warmer

Roasted Pumpkin Soup served in a bowl sprinkled with seeds
This soup pairs perfectly with our Pumpkin Bread recipe or works well as a stand alone for whatever bread you have to hand to mop up the last remnants from the bowl after eating. I like to experiment with different types of pumpkins as they give different results. Some of my favourites are Crown Prince, Turban, Butternut and the Hubbards, both Golden and Blue. These all have different taste ... Read more

Picture Perfect Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Picture Perfect Pumpkin Bread shot from above surrounded by bowls of pumpkin soup
Having some fun with your baking is always a good idea and getting a great result that tastes as good as it looks is what its all about. Picture Perfect Pumpkin Bread Recipe gives you just that. I love soup and not just for the autumn, but when the pumpkins are in season I stock up the freezer with homemade soup to see me through the winter. While pumpkin soup making I had some leftover roasted ... Read more

Finnish Shortbread Recipe for Christmas

Finnish Shortbread Recipe for Christmas laid out on a baking tray
Finnish shortbread are not actually Finnish! Now that's out of the way they are shortbreads and 100% tasty. The Danes say they invented these traditional Christmas biscuits and call them Finnish bread (Finskbrød in Danish) where as the Swedes maintain that they invented these tasty Yuletide treats and call them Finnish sticks (Finska pinnar in Swedish). The Finns could not give a hoot, and ... Read more

Black Ciabatta Burgers With Crispy Coated Halloumi

Black Ciabatta Burgers With Crispy Coated Halloumi
I really like the contrast made between the jet black ciabatta burger buns topped with contrasting sesame seeds, and the deep yellow crispy-coated halloumi, topped with a spicy sauce - they are fun to make and are a tasty treat for a Halloween night. The buns are soft and airy - softer still with the addition of the carbon powder -  and sprinkled with sesame seeds for a little contrast and ... Read more

Recipe: Annika Naish's (from Fika) - Swedish Scones

Recipe: Annika Naish's (from Fika) -  Swedish Scones
One thing I used to bake a lot in the 90s as a teenager and also in my early twenties when living abroad in Norway, Switzerland and Spain was Swedish Scones. They're not the same as English scones and are more akin to making soda bread, only we use baking powder instead of bicarbonate of soda. I have fond memories making them in the mornings, surprising family and friends to create freshly baked ... Read more

Recipe: BakeryBits Granola

Recipe: BakeryBits Granola
Granola first made an appearance in 1863, then called “Granula” but it wasn't until the late 1960s that the modern style of Granola was invented, slowly growing in popularity until hitting the mass-market in 1972. It has continued to grow in popularity ever-since but not always for the better: some producers have added cheap fillers to reduce the production costs thereby lowering the quality ... Read more

Recipe: Danish Open Sandwiches (Smørrebrød)

Recipe: Danish Open Sandwiches (Smørrebrød)
You've made your delicious Danish-Style Rye Bread. Now, here is how to make some open sandwiches just as you see in Denmark. When people hear “potato on bread” most think about a chip butty...but in Scandinavia the open-topped sandwich is a staple for lunch and their potato topped rye bread is absolutely delicious.   Here is a simple recipe for you to try on a nice slice of ... Read more

Danish-Style Rye Bread

Danish Rye Bread on a platter upon which is a rye loaf and slices
My Danish-Style Rye bread recipe comes from my 22 years living in Copenhagen, where people either bake or buy rye bread for their family every week. Indeed, most Scandinavians eat rye bread daily and the Danes are no exception. Similarly to crispbread (like Ryvita), everyone from little kids to burly men eat what looks like dainty slices of rye bread for their lunch. It wasn’t until I tried ... Read more

Molini Spigadoro's Jet-Black Brioche

Molini Spigadoro's Jet-Black Brioche
Make 6 jet black brioches for a bit of fun - why not make some with and some without the carbon powder for an interesting mix!   Mix the flour with carbon powder, dried yeast, sugar and vanilla powder then mix in eggs, honey, milk and rum. Knead by hand for about ten minutes or using a mixer for 2-3 minutes, then add the butter cut into pieces and knead again until it is completely ... Read more

Recipe: Spelt, Carrot & Ginger Mini Loaves

Recipe: Spelt, Carrot & Ginger Mini Loaves
For Easter these mini carrot loaf cakes with ginger, dairy-free, are a great way of getting the family active helping you bake. The carrots are peeled, chopped, boiled, and pureed and this gives the cake texture a very seductive softness. Baked in our mini loaf tins they’re perfect as a snack or for a lunchbox treat. Makes 6-8 mini loaf tin cakes. Puree the cooked carrot and water until very ... Read more

Hot-Cross Buns Phoenix Bakery Style

Hot-Cross buns laid out on a cooling rack
Hot-Cross Bun recipe by artisan baker Aiden Chapman For Easter, baker Aidan Chapman of the Phoenix Bakery in Weymouth likes to do things properly and his annual two-week stint making 1000s of hot-cross buns is no exception. Here is his recipe for exceptional buns, perfect to make at home, that don't take too long to make. Makes about 12 buns Method For the dough In a large bowl, add all the ... Read more

Seeded Country-Style Tin Bread Recipe

Seeded Country-Style Tin Bread Recipe
A simple but delicious sandwich loaf full of seeds together with the flavour of stoneground flour. Very quick to make, and often this can cause the crumb to be drier, but here the seeds hold in some moisture – especially the linseed – and this creates a crumb that stays soft for days. Toasts very well, and perfect for a hearty sandwich. Makes one large tin loaf  Method Put the ... Read more
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