RS201 Large Dough Sheeter for laminating dough (90cm)


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This 90cm dough roller, the RS201, designed and made in Japan, is an amazing, compact machine for making laminated dough a doddle. Laminated dough is what is used in making croissants and similar viennoiserie. The neat machine folds down into a brief-case sized box to give you more efficient use of valuable bakery space.

The sheeter is not only great for laminating croissant dough but can also be used to roll short pastry or pasta and, being made from stainless steel, it is washable. Supplied with a 90cm roller board. A significant advantage of this machine is that the dough can be rolled and kept cold, making it more controllable and quicker to make.

The machine is operated by putting the dough on the roller board, one side of the machine. Turning the handle of the machine pulls the dough through the rollers. For croissants, the dough is then folded and rolled back the other way and repeated until the dough has as many laminations are required.

Board size: 900x500mm
Dough capacity: c600g

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