Recipe: Mixed wheat focaccia or naan-style bread

Recipe: Mixed wheat focaccia or naan-style bread


Get excited about Focaccianaan! A fantastic dough that combines Mulino Marino's Strong Wheat "Furia" Flour with their Sapori Antichi flour – a stone-ground organic blend of Farro (Spelt), Rye, Khorasan Kamut, and Einkorn wheat, plus Organic Italian Chickpea flour. This one dough can be used to make many differently shaped and baked breads. Shaping one dough into sticks, rolls, loaves, buns or flatbreads. Another option is the cook or bake the dough in different ways, not just in an oven but on our BakeryBits Welsh Baking Stone, or even deep-fried like a doughnut!

And every bite of whatever you make will be packed with the flavour of 6 different grain types from this one very special recipe mix.


Put the flours in a mixing bowl, or in the base of your IGF Fornitalia spiral mixer. Dissolve the yeast in the water, mix in the yoghurt, then add this to the flours, mix together until roughly combined (about 3 minutes on speed 2), then cover and leave for 20 minutes. Then knead the dough until smooth and elastic (about 10 minutes on speed 3). 

Next add the salt, mix until combined, then add the olive oil, mix again until smooth. 

Then, if you like, add the extra water in 10g steps, mixing it in fully before adding more. 

Place the very elastic dough in an oiled container, and leave to rise at about 28C for 90 minutes in your Brod and Taylor Proofing Box. Give the dough one stretch and fold, then leave to rise for 90 minutes until well aerated.

For naan-style bread:

Divide the dough into 80-100g pieces, shape into balls, then place on a tray, cover, and leave for an hour to rise.
Have your Welsh Baking Stone on the hob, rub the top lightly with oil, and heat until moderately hot (it’s hard to judge at this point, try not to get it smoking hot if you can, a lower heat is better). 

Dust under and on top of the dough with extra flour using the BakeryBits Flour Dredger and dimple and stretch the dough outward on the worktop until it’s about 1cm thick, then stretch it into a teardrop shape. Lift this up and place it on the heated bakestone. 

While it is cooking spray a light mist of water over the top using our BakeryBits Water Spray and sprinkle over some Organic Cumin Seeds. Check underneath the naan with using the BakeryBits metal palette knife.

And when the base is crisp and golden flip the dough over and bake the other side. Then continue with the remaining dough. 

For focaccia:

Shape the dough into two rectangles, and place these on two trays or large oblong baking tins lined with non-stick paper. Leave to rise until double then dimple the top, spray with water lightly, then sprinkle with Cornish Sea Salt flakes. Bake at 220C for about 25 minutes then lower the heat to 180C and bake until golden.