Welsh Baking Stone or Griddle from 6mm Steel

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Welsh Baking Stone made from steel for baking, griddling and barbecues. Use it to bake pizzas and bread in your oven, crumpets or drop scones on your hob, or sear steaks on your barbecue.

The History of Welsh Bakestones
In old Welsh a bakestone was called Llech faen or a greidyl - an iron plate to bake upon - and the word “griddle” is thought to derive from this old Welsh word. The bread baked on it was called bara llech, what we’d call flatbreads today made of oatmeal and barley. One 19th century writer described these bara llech as “a 1/4 inch thick and from 12-15 inches in diameter”, while Welsh wheaten bread was “made 2 feet in diameter and some 3 inches thick”. Bigger than your BakeryBits bakestone and enough to feed 20 people.


(Crumpets and crumpet rings for illustration only!)

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