A Guide To Our Specialist Sugars

Using specialist ingredients can set your bakes apart and make your job easier. Knowing exactly which specific ingredient you want is something we want to help you with, so we have compiled a list of our specialist sugars together their uses, to help you choose the right sized sugar that you need. You can also find related recipes below and in each product listing - or search the recipe page

Brownies lightly dusted in Snow SugarBrownies lightly dusted in Snow Sugar

Snow Sugar (Dusting Sugar)

Quite different to icing sugar, this Snow Sugar is made from dextrose rather than sucrose and you'll see it covering any Stollen cake. It may look the same and have that sweet taste, but Snow Sugar won't dissolve when frozen, chilled, wrapped or being subject to high humidity.  It's is great if you want to make ahead of time or to store bakes before serving.

Use a sieve to create as much or little snowy dusting on your bake as you like.

A bag of sugar sandA bag of sugar sand

Sugar Sand (Very Small Nibbed Sugar)

With grains the size of sand particles this aptly named Sugar Sand is great for covering bakes and imparting a crunchy topping without standing out too much.

A subtle way of giving a crunch to a delicate bake.

A bag of sugar sandA bag of sugar sand

Sugar Crumbs (Small Nibbed Sugar)

Sugar Crumbs make the perfect for topping biscuits or tarts when you need a sweetness but don't want to use icing.

You can also use it in baked goods for little flavour bombs of sweetness.

The grains have a crystallised nugget shape which help them stick to your bakes.

A bag of sugar sandA bag of sugar sand

Pearl or Nibbed Sugar for Cake Topping

More polished than Sugar Crumbs and slightly bigger, Pearl Sugar is great for topping choux buns as they give a complimenting sweet crunch but won't take away from the soft pastry by being too crunchy.

Try them dotted over the top of fruit cakes or sweet buns or cakes as they look great and give a nice visual effect.

A bag of sugar sandA bag of sugar sand

Belgian Liege Waffle Pearl Sugar

These are the secret ingredient in a really good Belgian or more correctly, Liege waffle, having the right size to impart that caramelised crunch.

Adding Belgian Waffle Sugar just before baking your waffle dough will give you maximum crunch as it won't have time to dissolve in the mix before baking.

A bag of sugar sandA bag of sugar sand

Panettone Sugar Grains

Designed especially for panettone and Colomba Pasquale topping, these oversized grains won't break your teeth when you eat them.

Panettone Sugar looks quite spectacular and really make your panettone, cookies or cake stand out.

They are great to experiment with and have their own unique texture.