Agrano Bioreal Dried Organic Instant Baking Yeast, 500g

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Agrano Bioreal organic active instant yeast in a 500g vacuum pack, made in Germany, ideal for your organic bread baking and has become a firm favourite with BakeryBits customers.

Selected yeast strains are cultured in a medium of organic grain and clean spring water. All microorganisms and raw materials used are guaranteed to be GMO-free in accordance with EC Directive 834/2007. No chemical additives are used during the fermentation process and pure organic sunflower oil is used as an anti-foaming agent. There is no need to wash BIOREAL® organic yeast in production saving resources. Steam is used for sterilisation, rendering disinfectant unnecessary.

Application: Add yeast to flour (or dissolve directly into liquid) and use as per any typical yeast recipe. Note that organic yeast does NOT contain foaming agents and so will not foam in sugar + water in the way non-organic yeasts do.

Storage: Once opened place the pack of yeast into an air-tight bag or container in the fridge, it will last for months if stored in this way. This organic yeast is NOT suitable for freezing.

Ingredients: Yeast grown on cereals

Note: this yeast is considered to be a mono-ingredient since all the cereal fed to grow the yeast are metabolised leaving only yeast and nothing else.

Gluten: this yeast is made in made to gluten-free standards but is not certified gluten-free.

Suitable for: vegetarians and vegans. The 500g pack is certified kosher.

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