Stoate's Organic Strong White Flour

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Stoate's stoneground organic white flour (protein 12.8%), due to the nature of its production is not as 'white' as mass produced rollerground flour that you will find in the supermarkets. The heat generated during the slow and gentle milling process is just sufficient to distribute the wheat germ oil evenly, while retaining the natural vitamins and minerals in the finished flour.

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What is Strong Flour & Which are the Best to Use?

What is Strong Flour & Which are the Best to Use?
What is… strong flour. I guess by the name strong flour has strength, but what does that mean? If a particular flour contains high-quality protein that in tests produce a elastic, resilient dough, then it’s correct to describe it as strong flour. In the USA the more straightforward term “bread flour" is used, and baking bread is what strong flour should be good for, or wherever ... Read more
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