Chef's Drops 54% Surabya Milk Chocolate, 1kg

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Chef's Drops 54% Surabya Milk Chocolate from Willie's Cacao is a particularly dark milk chocolate with 54% cacao, the same percentage as some dark chocolates. This allows its deep caramel toffee notes to really shine through and 100% natural ingredients, in an artisan production process designed to maximise flavour (each drop weighs 2g and is 2.3cm in diameter).

Flavour Notes: deep, sophisticated caramel and toffee notes.

Paired with: cinnamon, cream, star anise, caramel, coffee, cream, pears, apples

Suggested application: This wonderful dark milk chocolate makes amazing mousses and desserts. Also use for truffles, cakes, brownies, cookies, moulding and coating.

Ingredients: cocoa solids 54% minimum. cocoa mass, cocoa butter, raw cane sugar, MILK powder 18%.

Suitable for vegetarians. (Free from alcohol, gluten and soya. May contain traces of nuts).

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