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Gilchesters Organic has been pioneering heritage wheat and spelt since launch in 2007. Now English-grown rye flour has been added to the range in 1.5kg and 15kg bags. Carefully sourced from a small organic farm in Lincolnshire with the same strong growing values, this rye flour has a tremendous full flavour for typical Scandinavian and eastern European breads, like pumpernickel.


Variety: Allegro, a traditional Austrian variety

Protein: 8.2%

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What is: Rye Flour, and how do I use it?

What is: Rye Flour, and how do I use it?
We're sometimes asked questions about rye flour, for example "what's the difference between dark rye and light rye?", and "is all rye flour wholemeal?". Hopefully we can quickly clear up any confusion you might have about rye flour and how it's sometimes labelled. Thanks to Andrew Wilkinson of Gilchester, and baking guru Dan Lepard for their input. Like wheat flours, rye can be classified by how ... Read more

Recipe: Dark Malt Crown Loaf with Wholegrains & Cobnuts

Recipe: Dark Malt Crown Loaf with Wholegrains & Cobnuts
The beauty of malt powders, syrups and grains is how their complex flavours and colours occur directly from nature’s own transformation process. As grains sprout, sugars are created, then slow drying and toasting enhances their sweet flavour, and the result is malt. So in this loaf, whole grains and four different types of malt combine with cooked pumpkin and toasted hazelnuts to create the most ... Read more
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