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Spelt (Triticum Spelta) unlike its distant cousin, Common Wheat (Triticum Aestivum) has been around for several thousand years and has not been commercially tampered with through selective breeding.

The nutritious highly water soluble kernel has a distinctive nutty taste, which is protected by an impervious outer glume. The secure grip of this glume to the berry also acts as a barrier against pollutants and helps improve freshness as it is removed by an additional process after harvest and prior to milling.

Spelt flour can be substituted for wholemeal wheat flour in most recipes although it is advisable to shorten the time of fermentation and proving due to the chemical differences in the make up of the flour. For the same reason, if one is using a bread machine, it is beneficial to use only the dough-making facility and prove the dough on a tray or in a tin before baking in a conventional oven.

Produced by fifth generation Stoates family millers based in Dorset, the award winning spelt flour is stoneground to give the distinctive flavour of this ancient wheat strain. Ideal for breads, spelt is an ancestor of modern wheat strains that some wheat intolerant people find that they can manage. It is a lower yielding grain than modern wheat which is why it tends to cost a little more.

For allergens see ingredients in bold.

Ingredients: organic spelt wheat flour.

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