PI.Dom PL2006 Counter-Height Proofing Cabinet, 8 Shelf


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The correct temperature and humidity is important for achieving consistent results for your breads and pastries and this professional proofer from PI.Dom (formerly Piron) gives you both. It is compact and so is just right for keen home bakers, micro-bakeries and colleges.

The proofer has capacity for up to 8 shelves. With 8 optional and removable shelf grills or trays fitted (choose yours below), there is ideal spacing for proofing pastries. When 4 grills are used, each shelf can hold combinations of tins, bowls and bannetons, see the table below for examples.

The unit is thermostatically controlled and will keep the chamber humid when water is poured into the water tray at the bottom of the unit. This gives perfect proofing conditions - no need for airing cupboards or damp tea-towels.

Complete with a 2-year warranty.

Proofer Specification

PI.Dom PL2006


Stainless Steel and Glass

Unit Dimensions W x H x D (external): 

600 x 600 x 895mm (without feet), Height 955mm with

Unit Dimensions W x H x D (internal): 

450 x 510 x 720 mm

Shelf Dimensions W x D:

8 trays, 75mm spacing, 442 x 320mm

Power Requirements:

230V / 50 Hz. 2kW.

Temperature Range: 30-70°C (heating only)

8 grills inserted: 75mm spacing for pastries

4 grills inserted, suitable for approximately:

  • 8 x 1kg round cane bannetons (2 per shelf)

  • 12 x 1kg oval cane bannetons (3 per shelf)

  • 24 x 2lb farmhouse tins (6 per shelf)




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PI.Dom PL2006 Counter-Height Proofing Cabinet, 8 Shelf

In stock

£1,059.47 £882.89