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The Sourdough School Nkuku Glass Storage Jars

These storage jars are the most exquisite and elegant hand blown, recycled glass jars that I know of. They do the job wonderfully. I love their very rustic natural look that brings you close to your ingredients. They are just the sort of ethical, sustainable, artisanal object that I hope someone might buy me as a present…but I often end up treating myself to! They really are stunning and they display their contents beautifully - Vanessa of The Sourdough School

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Vanessa of The Sourdough School says:

We keep a wide range of ingredients at the Sourdough School. My shelves are stacked out will all manner of things I use to bake sourdough with, from the grains that we mill, to nuts, seeds, dried fruit, muesli, oats, spices, sugar…and it is really important not just that they look beautiful but that there is a joy in seeing these natural ingredients as something to be celebrated, as part of the visual story in a kitchen or bakery. There is also a requirement that the dried goods are airtight not just to preserve them well but also due to the issue that no one particularly likes to talk about - how you can get flour mites and beetles in many ingredients, especially if they are organic. We don’t buy anything that has been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides. Our connection to the planet we live on is part of what we celebrate. For good house keeping that also requires us to have airtight containers and these do just that.

The large jar gives ample space for a good quantity of any ingredient in the kitchen.

Materials: sustainably sourced mango wood top, lined with air-tight silicon seal, recycled glass.

Care instructions: the glass is dishwasher safe but please handwash the lid in warm soapy water and rinse and dry immediately. To nourish and protect the natural wood rub linseed into the surface with a cloth.

Size: 23.5cm x 21cm (max diameter)