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Professional Stainless Steel Pastry Cutters, Round and Smooth, Set of 9

9 professional stainless steel pastry cutters, round and smooth, diameters from 30 to 110mm. Built for the commercial baker, you will never have to buy replacements for these.

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£41.95 £34.96
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German-made, high-grade stainless steel pastry or cookie cutters, made for the professional chef, they are uncompromisingly strong and unlike many others, will not easily deform. These round, smooth cutters are a set of 9 from 30mm to 110mm supplied in a strong plastic case and approximately 35mm deep. Being made from stainless steel, these cutters of course will never show any signs of rust and are dishwasher proof.

We have lots of excellent recipes on our blog, including Vanessa's Sourdough Scones which uses these cutters.