Stainless Steel Dough Cutter, Square Corners

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Stainless-steel dough cutter with a straight blade and square corners, complete with a solid integral handle for professional use. This cutter (13.5cm x 13.5cm) and has a stiff steel blade for dividing dough. This dishwashable cutter is an essential for artisan bakers.

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Recipe: Foricher's "Traverse" Loaf with T80 Flour

Recipe: Foricher's "Traverse" Loaf with T80 Flour
A pro-baker formula for the Foricher "Traverse" loaf is styled on a traditional Tuscan loaf: it has very little final shaping: cut from the bulk of dough and stretched after the final proof to the shape required.   Method: Mix the flour, 6L water, yeast and starter. Leave to autolyse for at least an hour at room temperature. Mix the remaining 0.5L water with salt until the dough becomes ... Read more
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