Stöckli Dehydrator - with 12 hour timer, Coarse Mesh

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Drying foods with a dehydrator is a very easy way to preserve fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs. Dried foods retain their high nutritional value and are therefore not only tasty, but also very healthy. The Swiss Made Stöckli Dehydrator stepless temperature adjustment, a 12-hour timer and active warm air circulation.

As a quick guide, the cover is inscribed with a series of drying times for various ingredients and the basic model includes three coarse (SAN and ABS) drying racks, expandable up to 10.


There are two accessories for the Stöckli Dehydrator:

1. Silicone inserts which are placed on the dehydration racks and are useful for dehydrating juicy foods such as tomatoes, plums or mangoes. This insert ensures that the juice of the drying goods does not drip through the mesh, which the small holes still ensure optimal circulation of the warm air.

2. Further drying racks so you can expand your Stöckli Dehydrator up to 10 racks high.



Power: 230V, 540 W, UK Plug
Manufacturer warranty: 2 years 
Dimensions: Ø 33.5 cm, height: 27.5 cm

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