Redbournbury Organic Rye Flour

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Redbournbury Mill Organic Stoneground Wholemeal Rye flour is the whole, organic rye grains ground using traditional grinding stones in their watermill.

Ingredients: rye flour

Redbournbury has had a mill for over 500 years and probably before the Domesday book was compiled. Today, Redbournbury sources it grain from local mills, typically within only a mile. Not only does Redbournbury Mill make a variety of stoneground flours, since 2006 it has also had a bakery, baking artisan loaves using the flour milled on site from grain grown down the road - crop-to-crust as was once the norm.

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Torsten's Sourdough Pumpkin Croissants

Pumpkin croissant dough being rolled
Torsten's Sourdough Pumpkin Croissants using a Dough Sheeter Great customers don't grow on trees but this one actually grows them. Torsten Junker of family-run "Junker's Nursery" not at all far from us in Wellington grows the kind of trees literally fit for a king. He's also an accomplished home baker and has been trying out one of our Japan Kneader Dough Sheeters to make, Sourdough Pumpkin ... Read more

What is: Rye Flour, and how do I use it?

What is: Rye Flour, and how do I use it?
We're sometimes asked questions about rye flour, for example "what's the difference between dark rye and light rye?", and "is all rye flour wholemeal?". Hopefully we can quickly clear up any confusion you might have about rye flour and how it's sometimes labelled. Thanks to Andrew Wilkinson of Gilchester, and baking guru Dan Lepard for their input. Like wheat flours, rye can be classified by how ... Read more

Soft Ginger Cake with Rye, Wheat & Oats

Soft Ginger Cake with Rye, Wheat & Oats
A rich, soft, spiced traybake that is absolutely packed with stoneground flour, rolled oats, and shreds of marmalade peel. It’s also not too sweet so perfect for a mid-morning slice of ginger cake. The combination of stoneground rye flour with wholemeal wheat flour, and just a little roller-milled white flour, gives you the perfect balance between a flavour-rich cake as well as a light delicate ... Read more

Recipe: Dan Lepard's Mill Loaf

Recipe: Dan Lepard's Mill Loaf
Dan Lepard, is undoubtedly one of the most influential bakers in the UK.  His gentle, informative style gives even the most nervous of bakers confidence. Most people know Dan from eight years of writing a weekly column for The Guardian, but it's not just the newspaper that made Dan's work lead the way for home bakers baking artisan bread.  You can pinpoint the resurgence in hand ... Read more