Viron French Organic "Agreste" Emmer & Wheat Flour 25kg

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A rather special flour from Viron. Organic "Agreste" flour is a blend of stoneground emmer and wheat for a rustic and intensely aromatic bread.

The “Agreste” bread is the pride of Viron, as it the result of several years of hard work. Viron developed this flour from old varieties of wheat grown organically, in the heart of La Beauce area. This blend of the organic stoneground T80 flour and organic stoneground Einkorn flour makes an incomparable bread, with a smooth and sweet taste and with flavours of cinnamon. Make it your signature bread!

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What is: Emmer Flour?

What is: Emmer Flour?
Emmer (Triticum dicoccum) is an 'ancient grain', native to parts of the Near East, where it formed part of the diet of hunter-gatherers before becoming domesticated by 7000BCE. It arose as a hybrid between a wild variety of einkorn and an annual goatgrass. It was cultivated in Britain by around 2000BCE, but almost universally it was eventually replaced by higher-yielding grain varieties, though it ... Read more