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Viron Tradition Française T55, 25kg

French T55 Tradition Française in 25kg sacks is an ideal flour, with no additives or improvers, for making cream-coloured baguettes, loves, cakes, biscuits and cookies - even puff pastry.

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This flour from Viron, France, is perfect for Tradition Française T55 baguettes and loaves, with a cream-coloured crumb, widely halved and a crusty caramel crust. It also suits to the production of cakes, biscuits and cookies, or even puff pastry. All of this without additives or bread-improvers, to obtain natural products with excellent flavour. Viron Tradition Française T55 makes a soft dough, well hydrated and with just-enough elasticity to obtain the best Tradition Française baguette.

Protein: 10.5-11%

Allergens: Ingredients containing allergens including gluten shown in bold:

Ingredients: Wheat flour. May contain traces of soy, sesame and milk.