Wilfa ProBaker 7 Litre Kitchen Mixer (Black)

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Take a look at the Wilfa ProBaker mixers, a blend of confident Nordic style and understated quality this Norwegian mixer in BLACK mixes bread dough, cake batter and creams beautifully with a machine that almost glides along. The result of 5 years' product development, it includes a tiltable head and removable, dishwashable bowl making the clean-up easy. Details have been thought through giving subtle features that make the Wilfa just that bit better including features to stop batter splatter: a removable bowl cover, a whisk shield and a mixer hinge cover to keep batter from the moving parts of the mixer.

  • 7 litre bowl with a capacity of up to 5 kg of dough
  • 10 year engine warranty (5 year mixer warranty)
  • Developed with the The National Norwegian Baking Team
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