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Antonio's Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250ml

Antonio's Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250ml from Campagnia in southern Italy is hand-picked and carefully pressed to present some of the very best extra virgin olive oil available, and with limited availability.

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For those of you that know Vanessa Kimbell, here is what she has to say about this olive oil:

Not all extra virgin olive oils are alike. Actually, not all extra virgin olive oils are even extra virgin olive oil at all (see Extra Virginity by Tom Mueller) so, before I endorse any such product, I like to visit them and this I have done for Pomora. I have met the cooperative managers, stood in the olive groves, seen the olives being pressed and chatted with the farmers that brought them in for pressing...and as you know all farmers like to stand and discuss this year's harvest with anyone who is willing to listen! Most importantly, I have tasted the oils. I have to say that I have not com across better quality olive oil anywhere.

Note that this is the really good stuff - it isn't for adding to your baking but instead, for dunking your crusty sourdough into - or to mix with a little balsamic vinegar for an amazing dressing.

The Italian extra virgin olive oils from Pomora are some of the finest we have tasted. Antonio’s olive oils have been tested and tasted down the smallest of details to deliver delicate, vibrant and fresh taste sensations – it is almost as if you were stood alongside Antonio in the open fields hand-picking the olives directly from the trees. How each olive oil flavour tastes specifically depends on the season. Summertime extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) from Antonio has that more mature, deeper grassy flavour.

Antonio’s olive groves are located in the region of Campania in southern Italy which has been the scene of many battles with the Greeks, Romans, Normans and Germans all seeking to control the land at various times in its history. And no wonder, its Roman name was Campania felix which translates as fertile countryside. These days things are a lot more peaceful but the soil is no less fertile which provides perfect growing conditions for Antonio’s olives and results in a wonderful oil of complexity and harmony.

Antonio’s olive groves are nestled in a small hillside village in Campania, southern Italy. They are literally a breath of fresh air deep in the rural Italian countryside. Leaving the city boundaries of Naples, the touristy Amalfi Coast and Mount Vesuvius well behind, you are taken deep into the heart of the Italian countryside to be surrounded by rolling green hills, with the imposing Apennines mountain range lurking in the background. Fresh, just like Antonio’s olive oil!

We knew Antonio was a perfect match for Pomora when he introduced us to his belief in producing high quality Italian olive oil: “Natura da amare” is his motto, “Nature by love” in English, which pretty much embodies the Pomora ethos. Even in the growing and production of olive oil, Antonio is very keen to keep the bond with the old olive oil traditions to work alongside more modern technologies – this is what Pomora is all about! Everything Antonio, his two sisters and his family does, encompass this belief - the result is mind blowingly tasty, high quality olive oil. From the olive groves through production to the final product, there is a dedication to the pursuit of perfection in olive oil from the whole family.