Salt-Glazed Ceramic Fermenting Jar - 2L

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Our 2 litre salt-glaze fermenting jar is just right to get started fermenting your sauerkraut, kimchi etc. It is complete with a two-piece weight and loose-fitting lid that sits in the moat on the base which creates a neat airlock needed to keep unwanted bugs away.

The jar is 18cm wide at its widest (23cm including the handles) and 22cm high including the lid and is approximately 3kg in weight.

Guaranteed for 5 years, the jar and lid are non-porous and naturally lead and cadmium free. It is scratch-proof, heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe. Any household detergent may be used.

When you start fermenting your own foods to make sauerkraut or kimchi amongst others and get a taste for it, you'll want to keep a ferment going at all times. Kimchi made with vegetables, spices and optionally seafood is eaten with every day by Koreans. Sauerkraut is popular, particularly in Germany and makes for a healthy and very tasty accompaniment to your meal. Delicious just eaten as a salad.

Air needs to be excluded from fermenting vegetables which is why they are covered in water in the jar. To keep the fermenting ingredients submerged, this jar comes with a pair of weights. To keep any unwanted air-borne bacteria entering the jar there is a neat gulley around the top into which fresh tap-water is added and the lid fitted stopping air coming in but allowing the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation to escape.


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