500g / 1.1lb Oval Cane Banneton or Proofing Basket


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Cane (rattan) bannetons have a spiral pattern that imprints onto the dough giving it that "sourdough signature". Our cane bannetons or bread proofing baskets are designed to hold about 500g / 1.1lb dough during the final proof, in order to help the dough hold its shape during baking.

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Dust liberally with a non-wheat flour such as rye, or our favourite here, rice flour, to avoid sticking before carefully placing your dusted and shaped dough top-side down into your basket.

Once it has proofed (almost doubled in volume), carefully tipped out into a baking dome, Dutch Oven, onto a sheet, baking stone or your peel dusted with semolina flour and then score with a lame for baking.

If you are using a baking dome or Dutch Oven, replace the dome and place in the oven. To make things even easier, you could use a BreadMat.

Between use: allow the banneton to dry out, brush out the excess flour and store in a dry place ready for your next use.

Banneton Specification:
Dough Capacity: 500g / 1.1lb (nominal)
Material: Cane (Rattan)

Internal (LxWxH): 22x13x7.5cm (± 0.5cm) across the top
External (LxWxH): 23.5x14.5x8cm  (± 0.5cm) across the top


Note that bannetons are NOT designed to go into your oven.

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