Heavy Duty Couche Proofing Linen for Baguettes 100x60cm

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Heavy-duty, high-quality woven 100% linen baker's cloth, 100cm x 60cm to support proofing dough, especially baguettes or bâtons and lining proofing baskets. It helps give the dough a shape and wicks a little of the dough's outer moisture away to help develop a skin to help hold the final shape.

Linen is the best cloth fabric to use for proofing dough as it has a lower tendency to stick to the dough. Dust with flour (preferably rye) to make sure that it doesn't stick.

When finished baking for the day, simply give the linen a good shake outside, or you can, if you prefer, just fold it up for next time. If you need to wash the couche linen, then wash in cold water.

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What is... couche linen?

What is... couche linen?
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