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Granite Baking Stone, 30cm by 40cm and 3cm thick

Granite baking stone, 30x40cm, ideal for baking artisan bread and pizza. All edges bevelled and the top surface is polished.

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Now improved with all edges neatly bevelled, the ultimate in baking stones, made from granite, so really tough and 3cm thick which means that it will hold a lot of heat (especially compared to the thin pizza stones). This is ideal for baking bread as the heat in the stone improves the loaf's oven spring or bottom-heat helps produce a great oven spring to the loaf. Try using your granite baking stone on your barbecue for making barbecue-baked pizzas.

Baking stones should be placed into a cold oven and allowed to warm with the oven, and to cool in the oven after baking, to avoid shocking the stone: good advice for all baking stones. 

Our granite is thicker and more dense than many others available on the net - which is crucial when used for baking bread in the oven - we feel it should also give you better results! The 30x40xm stone weighs approximately 10.4kg.