The Priors Organic Cracked Rye

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The Priors Cracked Rye from Foster's Mill is common in Nordic countries and has been produced for recipes that come from that part of Europe. Cracked Rye is a very coarse meal with large chunks of the rye grain remaining intact in the meal. It is typically crushed into two or three pieces and used traditionally in the preparation of pumpernickel bread.

Allergens including gluten in bold

Ingredients: organic rye flour

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What is: Rye Flour, and how do I use it?

What is: Rye Flour, and how do I use it?
We're sometimes asked questions about rye flour, for example "what's the difference between dark rye and light rye?", and "is all rye flour wholemeal?". Hopefully we can quickly clear up any confusion you might have about rye flour and how it's sometimes labelled. Thanks to Andrew Wilkinson of Gilchester, and baking guru Dan Lepard for their input. Like wheat flours, rye can be classified by how ... Read more
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