The Priors Organic Strong White Flour

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The Prior's White Flour is made from English Mulika wheat to give a protein level of 13.50%.

The Prior's White Flour is made from a blend of two parcels of wheat, the 2020 crop Mulika from Chapel Farm, Netherton, Worcestershire and the 2021 crop Mulika from Woodlands Farm, Boston Lincs. Foster's Mill has created this blend to give all the characteristics and flavour you have come to expect from the Prior's Flour. The grains are milled on Fosters Mill's French Burr stones by wind power when available. The wholemeal is then dressed using a 19th century centrifugal dresser (sieving machinery) to produce the lovely creamy white flour with its deep flavour. 


Allergens including gluten in bold

Ingredients: organic wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin

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