The Priors Organic White Rye Flour

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The Priors White Rye Flour from Foster's Mill is made from a Ducato rye has a full-bodied nutty flavour with some truly sweet caramel hints. Try it for yourself! White rye flour is produced by sieving wholemeal rye through a fine nylon cloth using a traditional reel dressing machine.

Allergens including gluten in bold

Ingredients: organic rye flour


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Pumpernickel-style Sourdough Using a Pullman Pan

Pumpernickel-style Sourdough Using a Pullman Pan
A slice of toasted wholegrain Pumpernickel-style sourdough, spread with butter and the best honey is one of my favourite ways to start the day. Add in hot coffee and I’m in heaven. Bake this delightful loaf in our 23cm USA Pan Pullman Pan - this is a square-sided bread tin with a slide on lid to make square slices. If you don’t have white rye flour you can easily make it by taking one ... Read more

100% Rye Sourdough

100% Rye Sourdough
For some bakers this loaf is considered the King of Sourdough as it has a reputation for both an amazing flavour (which it does) and a complexity in getting it right. It has an intense sourdough tang to it, perfect when paired with strong-flavoured foods like pickled herrings or blue cheese. Though my favourite way of eating it is toasted and buttered with Seville marmalade. Using what’s ... Read more

What is: Rye Flour, and how do I use it?

What is: Rye Flour, and how do I use it?
We're sometimes asked questions about rye flour, for example "what's the difference between dark rye and light rye?", and "is all rye flour wholemeal?". Hopefully we can quickly clear up any confusion you might have about rye flour and how it's sometimes labelled. Thanks to Andrew Wilkinson of Gilchester, and baking guru Dan Lepard for their input. Like wheat flours, rye can be classified by how ... Read more
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