Traditional 2lb or 900g Double-Coated Non-Stick Tin

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Traditionally shaped, 2lb or 900g bread tin, double coated with a tough non-Teflon (Whitford’s Skandia Xtreme) non-stick coating.
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Easy No-Knead Golden Linseed Bread Recipe

Easy No-Knead Golden Linseed Bread Recipe
A delicious quick and utterly simple bread loaf to make, full of delicious linseed with a touch of honey, a super straightforward recipe we hope you’ll enjoy all summer long. We’ve been making it here for a few weeks and we think it’s our new house favourite. No kneading, no shaping, no stretching. Just mix in a bowl, spoon it into the tin, leave to rise then bake. We snip the ... Read more

100% Rye Sourdough

100% Rye Sourdough
For some bakers this loaf is considered the King of Sourdough as it has a reputation for both an amazing flavour (which it does) and a complexity in getting it right. It has an intense sourdough tang to it, perfect when paired with strong-flavoured foods like pickled herrings or blue cheese. Though my favourite way of eating it is toasted and buttered with Seville marmalade. Using what’s ... Read more
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