Crispbread knobbly rolling pin (Kruskavel)

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Crispbread (knekkebrød, knäckebröd or knækbrød depending on your favourite Scandinavian country) knobbly rolling pin (Kruskavel) is ideal for dimpling your Scandinavian crispbread. Simply roll across the dough.

To make dimpled crisp breads they way they do in Norway, Sweden and Denmark requires the dough to be dimpled. If you are making a fair amount of it, a knobbly rolling pin (a Kruskavel) is what you need. The Kruskavel roller, made from beech, measures 25cm wide and has wooden handles taking the whole width to 45cm and diameter 6.5cm.

It is just right for making a tasty batch of sourdough crispbread or why not try something more sophisticated like Dan Lepard's Rye Crispbread Rolls?

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100% Rye Crispbread Using A Kruskavel Rolling Pin
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