"The branded Panibois boxes really help to carry our strong brand across to our customers. They also make portion control easy, and show off the focaccia at its best advantage."

Peter Cook

Baker & Founder

Peter Cooks Bread 

Worcester, England


Images courtesy Peter Cooks Bread

You can have your Panibois cases customised with your logo for an additional 3p per case. There are a couple of simple steps to get set-up after which you can easily have yours printed when you need them.

1. Send your logo file by email to [email protected] and we'll check it for suitability. 

Note that it will be printed in 1 colour, a light brown, on one side and it should be rectangular.

2. Once confirmed, there is a one-off set-up charge of £50 for Panibois to get ready to print your baskets.

3. Then it is time to order them as you would your plain Panibois, but choose the branded ones here.

4. That's it...!

Once your logo has been set-up, you can have Panibois printed for you. The minimum print run is one whole carton of any style (so for example, 100 individual cases of Duc). Simply choose the style in the drop-down and choose the number of cartons that you need as usual.

Note - Panibois makes cases on rotation of about 6 weeks so while the plain ones are almost always available off the shelf, you may have a short wait for your printed ones so bear this in mind - allow up to 8 weeks for delivery, so plan ahead. Some bakeries and restaurants with restricted space have a larger quantity printed than they need in one go and have the excess stored at BakeryBits until they are ready for them - just let us know if you need this as it can mean that the printed stock is immediately available.