Have so enjoyed making panettone these last months, from super simple to the complex marvel in the video below, and though I’ll tell you more about my long road to panettone “awakening” I was only able to tackle the complex mixing needed thanks to the power and reliability of IGF Fornitalia's dependable mixers now supplied by BakeryBits in the UK. Founded in 1974 by Giancarlo Fabbri, IGF Fornitalia's aim then and now is to give the most superior performance via precise engineering and machine design, a reputation they’re rightly proud of. Under the hood you have quality machinery and dependability, which argues Fabri, “means better baking results, time and space savings, and greater earnings.”

Panettone making requires different actions in the long doughmaking process. Whether you’re using a spiral, twin-arm or planetary mixer you must adjust recipes and approaches accordingly. In the case of spiral mixers, according to Montanari Giambattista, the highly respected baker/author of “pH 4.1 Scienza e Artigianalità della Pasta Lievitata” (an extraordinary academic/practical book, published in Italy by Pasticceria Internazionale, a spiral mixer when used for sweet dough mixing “speeds up the kneading time, allows greater hydration for the dough…thanks to the higher rotation speed (compared to a twin-arm), and gives greater elasticity but subjects the dough to more heating”. Using IGF Fornitalia's mixer the heat issue was simply dealt with by chilling ingredients: as the mix time was much shorter I could control the dough temperature easily.

Extremely impressed with the ease that IGF Fornitalia 3100/Minima 5/MI 7L (5kg) Spiral Mixer can quickly tackle difficult tasks like:

  • mixing two very firm doughs together smoothly
  • thoroughly mixing a small ingredient (salt or dark malt) through the dough without streaking
  • creating highly-elastic – almost “chewing gum” – dough consistency in a high-hydration mix
  • fold delicate ingredients – like fragile marinated dried fruit – effortlessly on slow speed (with it’s variable speeds, rather than the more common two/three-speed” switches.

So check out IGF Fornitalia's mixers at BakeryBits, and build your success for 2022.