Tiramisu Chocolate Carrot Cake

Tiramisu Chocolate Carrot Cake


Dry Ingredients

50g Marriage's Finest Strong White Bread flour
50g Marriage's Strong Stoneground Wholemeal Bread flour
15g Steenberg Swell Organic Cacao Powder
7g (1/2 sachet) Bioreal Organic Baking Powder With Pure Cream Of Tartar
0.5g Ground Grey Sea salt

Sweet Mixture

40g full-fat cream cheese, soft
40g vegetable oil
130g light soft brown sugar
30g double cream
60g whole egg
20g egg yolk (from one medium egg)
0.5g BakeryBits Madagascan Whole Pod Vanilla Powder

Coffee, Carrot and Chocolate

20g espresso-strength hot or warm coffee, like our Brazier's Altitude House Blend Filter Grind Coffee
100g peeled and grated carrot 
50g Willie's Cacao Chef's Drops 70% San Agustin Dark Chocolate,
or chopped Grenada Chocolate Company 71% Organic Chocolate

40g egg white, whisked to soft peaks

Cocoa to finish, like our Steenberg Swell Organic Cacao Powder

Our Tiramisu Chocolate Carrot Cake is a delicious and fun take on the usual Valentine’s Day dessert so loved around the world. I’ve left alcohol out of the recipe, but if you like you could spoon a little marsala and rum over the warm cake when it’s fresh from the oven, so it soaks in.

Makes one 6” or 7” round cake.


1. Butter the inside of a 6” or 7" round deep cake tin. Place a disk of non-stick paper in the bottom.

2. Sift together the dry ingredients.

3. In a large mixing bowl beat together the sweet mixture ingredients one at a time. Beat well before adding the next ingredient.

4. Stir in the coffee, carrots and chocolate.

5. Beat the egg white to soft peaks.

6. Fold the sifted dry ingredients in with the sweet mixture evenly but lightly. Then fold in the whisked egg white.

7. Spoon the mixture into the tin, it will be quite liquid, then bake at 160C for about 50 minutes or until a skewer poked in comes out clean. Leave to cool in the tin.

8. Remove from the tin. Top with ½ batch cream cheese frosting flavoured with vanilla, and dust with cocoa.

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